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on Wednesday, April 02nd, 2014

Yarrrr!! The Pirates guild Dominated this month taking both events, Kings of the Month and Guild of the Month Event! A well deserved victory this month for them after a devastating loss last month from the Blue Dragoons.

This event was conducted at exactly 9pm and ended at 11pm GMT+8. Gotm was a success once again, fueling the young at hearts throughout the 2 hours of adrenaline rush.

Congratulations to Pirates guild and we'll see you all next month!


on Wednesday, March 05th, 2014

Once again, Another mind blowing performance by all guilds participated in an all out woe monthly event! "Started from the bottom, now we're here" coming from the Blue Dragoons is what's been chanted throughout this victory experience! The Gotm Champions Dragoons broke the winning streak of the last month's winner Fishpond, Along with Pirates and Dethrone guilds whom all battled for the Title. Truly an inspiring experience for new guilds out there.

Thank you all for participating the GOTM event and we'll see you next month! Impossible is nothing!



on Wednesday, February 05th, 2014

We could not thank everyone enough for supporting our monthly event "guild of the month". We'd like extend our appreciation to our patrons who stayed through high and low. There were 200+ at the time of the event and the guild battle was executed with great performances by the guilds who participated. We thank our current guild war moguls Pirates, Dragoons, Demigods and The Gotm Champs, Fishpond guild! Well fought battle.
See you next month!

Kudos to all, KingsRo.


on Wednesday, January 08th, 2014

Fishpond guild claims the title of January Guild of the Month. We have implemented a guild member number cap that enabled more and more guilds to participate. Though many have tried, One reign Victorious.

If you are looking for a Server as explosive as this, you are not too far away. We're in the corner of fun and excitement, make sure you drop by.

Kudos to all and Congratulations to all!



on Wednesday, December 04th, 2013

As the cold breeze of December touches us, In KingsRO a chilly weather is not even at bay as we held our December GOTM!

Another action pack war was witnessed by many where FISHPOND tried to defend their title but Demigods reclaims their spot for being the best this month.

Congratulations to Demigods and thank you to all guilds who participated in this event!

Impossible is nothing.


on Wednesday, November 06th, 2013

Some say "For every event, We declare Winners and losers", I say why call it losers when all won the worth of participation.

Tonight's probably the most intense among all GOTMs we had in the past. Dragoons and Avalon tried, but The Fishpond guild dethroned DemiGods and stopped their long term dynasty on being the best guild every month.

But you should all not to forget, We've all won tonight/today. When the dusts finally reach the floor and settles down the ground, We all had been entertained by everyone's passion and performances this November GOTM.

On behalf of the Kings Ragnarok Online Team, Thank you for your support to the server and Congratulations to The Best guild in Kings-RO for this month,
The F I S H P O N D guild.

See you all next GOTM!


on Sunday, November 03rd, 2013

Change logs: 10.04.13

-Custom Costume Hats release
(Halloween hats)
1.Drooping Monster
2.Sharky Hallow
3 Witch Pumpkin Hat
4. Duneyerr Hat
5. Halloween Cap
6. Pumpkin Hat
7. Skeleton Hood
8. Whisper Mask
-Valkyrie Armor is no available on credit shop
-Kings Gym Pass(weoght increaser) on Donation shop
-Cat treads returned to 1 from 3 upon killing Kings Dungeon Boss

Change logs: 11.01.13

-New Christmas costume hats:
Christmas scarf
Santa poring
Elven hat
red dwarf hat
green dwarf hat
Christmas Tiraya
Green Christmas scarf
Green bell
Holly bell
Holly pin
Reindeen hat
twin pompom red
twin pompom blue

-Donation costume:
Yellow baseball hat
brazol baseball hat
NHP black
NHP red
bunny blue
bunny pink
bunny yellow
bunny pink
sakkat v.02

-war helm combo revamps:
(combo with runes of power or hell's flame)

-black cyclops revamp
-fixed kaho pixie trades/storage
-LHZ dun04 drops can now be sold to npcs
-Thanatos 1st to 12th floor are now unwarpable
-Christmas prontera theme
-Christmas BGM

Do not forget to patch!

Bugs and Glitches, give us a holla. Thanks!
Change logs: 11.02.13

*Thana tower
tower 1-7 is warpable
tower 8-12 unwarpable
-transferred 8-12 monsters can now be found in towers 1-7 (for mission hunting)
-moved Donskie npc (Dwing quest) to gon_dun02 51 244

*Boss invasion now drops 100%

*Gunslinger desperado boost damage a bit

*Baby super novice HP bug fixed

*Enabled Elemental swords

*LHZ dungeon boss monsters are now spawned RANDOMLY.


on Thursday, October 31st, 2013

In celebration of our 1st Anniversary, We would like thank you all for sticking around and supporting our server through high and low. We might have had bitter and sweet conversations, turned down requests, banned accounts, jailed characters or whatnot, On behalf of the Kings-RO organization, again.. Thank you very much.

Enjoy a token of our appreciation that will run starting today to the 31st of December.
Take an additional 20% of your total donated Donation Tickets? and get 10 billion credits for every 10 Donation tickets you donate.

Happy Holidays to all!


on Saturday, October 26th, 2013

It's about that time again where we test our skills and knowledge to compete in the grandest event in Kings Ragnarok Online!

Grab your friends, participate and together, let us witness November's best guild!

60 Donation Tickets?
10 Valkyrie Armors
30000 Credits?
10000 Yggdrasil boxes
10000 BOT boxes
A million of Bragging rights
and a spot in www.kings-ro.com for the whole world to see whos guild reigns the server for the month of November!

Kudos all!!


on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

on Wednesday, October 02nd, 2013

Another Action packed event for Kings-RO where another guild emerge to battle against guild giants of the game. Crowned Clowns Experienced firsthand the Fishponds' Fury led by GM Salt and the Ground Breaking Assaults by Demigods led By GM Knight. It was a grueling 2 hours as the Demigods once again bagged the title of Guild of the Month.

See you all next month and Thank you as always from Kings Ragnarok Online.

Demigods: GOTM October


on Wednesday, August 07th, 2013

An event was held in Kings-RO called Guild of the month(August). The Fishpond guild tried to steal the throne from Demigods but came just a little bit short on bagging the title. Both guilds gave their best, Both had a great time, and for sure Both came out winners on this one.

Congratulations to Demigods, Kings-ro guild of August. See you all next month!

08.07.13 (14:00-16:00) server time.
Thank you all for participating,Kings Ragnarok Online.


on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Gear up! Mayhem is coming in Kings Ragnarok Online!
8pm-10pm (ph time)
14:00-16:00 (server time)


on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013



on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Loading Screen Event


on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Changelog July 21st:

EDP card description fixed
Kings set description fixed
CASH? changed to Credit?
Chain lightning skill description fixed
GTB description fixed
Enabled slot [1] on all 3rd job quest hats/helms
Tarot skill description fixed (removed coma)

Silver Mitt (new misc item)
Cupid's Mojo (new misc item)
Tooth of the beast (new misc item)
13 Third job artifacts (new misc items)
Kings key (new misc item)

@request with 2 minute delay
ex. @request help, will automatically be sent to all staff through PM (Admin,GM,Police)
Bard spirit scroll can noe be used on castles and new_1-1
Added NPC on jail for jailtime request
Wanderer jobchange fixed
Archbishop jobchange fixed (moded to work)
Red potion bug fixed, wont no longer stone curse your novice
Added Silver Mitts on Treasure boxes along with esg (Skoe & Kriem)
Added Silver Mitts on Treasure boxes along with omens (Skoe $ Kriem)
Added Tooth of the Beast on Treasure boxes along with devi/poring coins (Fad)
Added random security pass on Gold room
Dice event optimized due to it's bug (unclaimed prize stuck up)
Esg on breaker ladder can be obtained now through 25 breaks from 40
Cupids now drop Mojos along with dusk glows (Invasion)
Dracusizzle now drops tooth of the Beast along with pori/devi boxes (Invasion)
PoriPori now gives you Silver Mitt along with bronze coin, real poripori (event)
@aura has been eneabled with 8 new auras.
Removed The Dream shop

Added Credit shop quest:
3 New NPCs: Bruce,Tony, and Nick.
Bruce is located right by the disguise event and will tell you the location of the other two.
(Credit shop features)
A quest to enter the credit shop. Collect all 13 3rd job artifacts in exchange for the Kings key. You can now buy castle drops, deviling/poring coins, and helms using Credits.
Silver Mitts, Tooth of the beast, and Cupid's Mojo can be sold for credits in there as well.

buy items: (credit sink)
500c -> Castle drops
4c -> Devi/Poring coins
7000-7500c -> Helms from

sell items: (credit produce)
Silver Mitts -> 300c
Tooth of beasts -> 30c
Cupid's Mojo -> 1c


on Monday, July 08th, 2013


Revamp Physical Wings on Deviling shop
Revamp Magical Wings on Deviling shop
Revamp Bone Mask on Deviling shop
Revamp Red Dragon Wings + remove VH restrictions
Revamp Gold Dragon Wings + remove VH restrictions
Revamp Black Dragon Wings + remove VH restrictions
Decrease valkyrie randgris card HP penalty to 25%
Change Red God Helm from +5dex to +5Str
Emperor Axe is now a one hand weapon
Harmonize skill description fixed.
Changed Hellion wings to Retribution wings (stupid ugly sprite)

Super Novice HP fixed
Safety wall reverted to it's old behavior
Fixed Severe Rainstorm Formula (see iro wiki)
Marsh of the abyss decreases flee instead of AGI/DEX.
EMPEROR dagger,sword, and axe wont stack it's resistance
Added Thanatos card to Max deadly combo.
Added Max deadly combo information on LHZ and thanatos cards
Added instruction on coin changer to view points
Rebalanced Hit/Rate formula
Implemented Renewal Luk stat bonuses (3luk=1hit,5luk=1flee)
Buffed tetra vortex a little bit
Implemented official Guillotine cross job quest
Restricted guild emblem change during WOE
Sunday WOE cut donw to 1 hour, 05:00-06:00 server time.
Retribution wings available now at the deviling shop
Fixed the reported Prontera Wall bug